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14 Aug 02

slo-oan, slo-oan

i just got back from seeing sloan in fabulous downtown gananoque. i think i’ve seen them in the double digits now…this wasn’t the worst show i’ve seen them put on by any means, but it wasn’t the best. the highlight was when patrick played drums on deeper than beauty – a throwback to the show i saw them put on in guelph in 1994. it was also pretty cool that they played bells on and on the horizon. it was a fun night.

two bands in two nights? crazy!

i forgot my camera tonight unfortunately, and robin and mitch just assumed i’d have it. stupid me = no pictures for you.

the rest of my day was a bit cloudy. i felt like i was in a haze for most of it – super tired, sickish feeling, etc. it was a blah day. i got a bit accomplished so i can’t complain too much.

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14 Aug 02

rollerblading in excessive heat is for chumps

i checked out bedouin soundclash last night with jo and andrea, and they were pretty fun. i’d heard good things about them from various people but i wasn’t sure what to expect. turns out they are pretty fun and entertaining, even though i had trouble taking the bongo player seriously. the show ended abruptly when the guitar player broke 2 strings on his guitar and apparently he didn’t have a spare…alas.

tonight is sloan in fabulous downtown gananoque. i hope they don’t suck.

work was worklike yesterday, and i’m kind of unmotivated today. plus, i’m super tired which doesn’t help matters much (nor does the fact that i bladed in for the first time in a while and it’s far too hot and gross to be doing silly things like that).

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13 Aug 02

my floor is full of astrophysicists

the brain surgeons on my floor [read: assmonkeys] somehow managed to clog our garbage chute. i went to dispose of a garbage bag this morning it looks as though someone took all of their garbage, filled up the door thingy, and closed it, thus completely wedging it all in place. what’s also interesting is that there appears to be items such as mello yello bottles sitting loose in the chute. yes, my floor also has recycling issues.

so basically, one of the first things i said out loud today was “ew”.

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13 Aug 02

a posting chock full of peanut buttery goodness

you know, today might have been the best 12 hours of work i’ve ever experienced. usually if i stay at work late i usually leave in an atrocious mood…fed up or frustrated or whatever. today though was different: at about 10 am i icqed mitch and told her that i had a good feeling about how things were going to turn out today, and i was right. for once, everything actually worked. fantastic!

unfortunately though, because i spent so much time at work today i have no interesting stories to tell.

work was actually kind of weird today. i work in a team of 10 right now (3 first level staff, 4 second level staff, and 3 second level staff with other responsibilities…i’m one of the last category) and only 5 of us were in today. that was definitely a stretch on resources. i, as has been the norm of late, wasn’t actually in my office much today (computer labs have been my hang out), so that seemingly reduced the number of staff present even more. but, my not being around for a while was a blessing: the air conditioner in the library was turned off for a few hours for fire alarm testing. why couldnt they have picked a cooler day? blah.

quick poll: how many people ate paste when they were a kid? i didn’t. unless it was peanut butter-based, i just said no.

currently spinning: by divine right – i know you

11 Aug 02

may your day be a circus day!

ah, a nice relaxing weekend. i didn’t do much of anything yesterday, although i couldn’t sleep last night so i ended up spending a few hours working on webpage stuff. yay for being a geek.

my internet’s been flakey all day so i haven’t really been able to do any more work like i’d planned on doing. i was debating going into work for a while this afternoon but i figure i’ll be there enough this week.

it’s funny, jo mentioned the fact that there was a circus in town this weekend so we decided to go, if we could figure out for sure that it WAS here. there was nothing on the internet mentioning it, and the contact phone numbers were unanswered on the weekend. we chanced it and drove up there, and sure enough, the garden brothers circus IS at the memorial centre. we ended up talking ourself out of going after all of that though. even though we didn’t go though, we heeded the advice of the voice on the garden brothers answering machine: our day WAS a circus day nonetheless.

oh, and finally, a picture of the tallest chair i’ve ever seen from the computer lab i worked in on friday:

i left in the desk for scale. yes, that’s a normal sized desk. a fun game is leaping onto the chair and rolling across the room at full speed without tipping over. i’m a child.

10 Aug 02

a tale of woe and fun

yesterday was divided into equal parts crappiness and funness. it got pretty warm again here yesterday after a 3 day reprieve, so of course i spent part of my morning moving computers from one lab to another. it didn’t take as long as last time thankfully though, but it was still a treat.

in the afternoon i went back to the lab to finish setting up the computers, and i stupidly expected it to take no time at all since i had already installed the software on all 12 of them. while i was setting them up, however, i noticed a piece of software missing…so i installed it and reimaged all of them (a slowish process)…and then i ran into that same problem i’ve had before of XP not detecting the sound card properly and becoming unresponsive for at least 1/2 hour while trying to install the drivers..blahblahblah. too much rambling, sorry, but the point is that i stayed in the lab until about 5:15 on a friday afternoon and at that point i realized that a bunch of OTHER software was missing as well. gah. so, i begin the whole process again on monday.

last night was our wine tasting thingy, instead of a normal potluck this week. i appeared to be the only one drinking red wine for some reason, and i switched to sangria at some point before going to tango for an $8 martini…yikes. it was a fun night, with the exception of walking home at 3am. now i gotta stroll back to get my car today as well…i think i’ll rollerblade.

sorry about the extreme boringness of my post. it sounded much more interesting in my brain before posting it.

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08 Aug 02

everything went….right?

weird. i guess for a while there my site was adding comments to the wrong postings, and i didn’t notice. i think it’s working now though.

today was good because everything went right on the first try…that doesn’t happen very often. as a result though, i don’t really have any stories. i guess that’s a good thing.

i’ve been looking for music by a band called ciao bella. i originally found them on audiogalaxy when i was searching for salteens songs (“other people who searched for the salteens also liked beulah and ciao bella”). i downloaded a song back then called how low, but the stuff by beulah grabbed me and i got obsessed with them for a while and sorta forgot about ciao bella, until the weekend when i put that song on a mix cd i made. so, when i went searching for them today, kazaa lite came up with nothing…and google found this site and this site, two other bands called ciao bella – definitely not what i’m looking for. the only site i can find about the correct band is this one, and there’s a demo mp3 on endearing’s site (but it’s only 96k/sec). anyway, does anyone have any more information about them? i’m assuming they’ve vanished.

07 Aug 02

picture pages picture pages

while i was driving home from work today, i saw a guy biking up the street while holding a laundry basket and vacuum. my first thought was “wow, i wish i had a camera.” my second thought was “i DO have a camera”. here’s the result:

i’m pretty sure he was the same guy i saw biking down union carrying fans a few months ago (and i’m almost positive i wrote about him in my blog before but i can’t find it). anyway, i was greatly amused…and impressed at how adept he is at biking while so loaded down.

so yesterday, i worked until 11:20pm, hence my log entry. it was a frustrating experience of finding out a bunch of mistakes i’d made in various computer labs. without dwelling on that any further, i spent today fixing those mistakes and was unbelievably productive. if i were a pessimist i’d say that i really didn’t make any forward progress since i was just fixing mistakes, but i’m not going to say that.

i also took some pictures of the lab i spent yesterday afternoon in, basically to demonstrate how bizarre it is. it’s unique even for queen’s, and looks as though it’s a bomb shelter, or perhaps a cellar. even better is the fact that some small animal has eaten a hole through the screen, getting leaves everywhere (including in the printer). on the bright side though, at least that room is a thousand times more secure than those computers’ last location: a room on the main floor with windows that get left open all the time.

oh, and my mommy visited today. she came and looked at my office briefly. a good time was had by all.

finally: davy and goliath are coming back! how exciting. if i watch enough, will that prevent me from going to hell?

07 Aug 02

au secours

today in summary:



currently spinning: hayden – lounging

05 Aug 02

how many yanks can one see in a weekend?

el scotto and tim came to visit me for the weekend, and it was a treat as always. of course, i had to hold their hands while crossing the street and keep both eyes on them because you never know what kinds of trouble 14 and 15 year olds will get into. anyway, it was a fun time.

we went to an expos game yesterday, so we spent much of the day in the car. here’s a picture of the three of us at the game, and even though the expos lost they made it interesting.

rather than talking at length about the game though, i’d rather show some pictures taken on the way to and from the game of random weirdness on the highway (as well as some stuff at the game itself). first of all, compare a photo i took back in july of the coolest dairy queen sign with how that sign looks now:

where’d it go? what a let down.

we also got a picture of smoke meat pete’s (the place i should’ve gotten a picture of last time), a bizarre truck with 7 antennas on it, a fun truck convoy, a guy wearing a great cubs suck shirt, and a car with a newfoundland license plate towing a car with an ontario license plate on a trailer with a florida license plate.

other than that, we went to see signs along with the rest of the world (and had to sit at the front as a result). the reviews were right: it DOES feel like a hitchcock film. i enjoyed it overall. the boys also wanted to see the wrong guy, so i obliged of course. and wow, they are both amazing at tony hawk 3 for playstation 2. they’re better after a few hours of playing than i was after a couple weeks.

i drove them back to millbrook today and endured the brutal holiday monday traffic. the way back to kingston was clean sailing though. i found out when i got to millbrook that my dad actually spent saturday night in the residence i lived in in first year (victoria hall) because there were no other rooms anywhere near kingston. i felt sorry for him.

oh, and i finally found an answer to a question i’ve had since i moved into this building. there’s a boarded up tower just outside my building and i’ve heard a bunch of stories about what it was originally used for including a water tower, something for the fire department, and a hanging tower. i finally found a website that explains that it was originally a water tower for kingston penitentiary. mystery solved. and i know i’m the only one who cares.

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