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14 Aug 02

slo-oan, slo-oan

i just got back from seeing sloan in fabulous downtown gananoque. i think i’ve seen them in the double digits now…this wasn’t the worst show i’ve seen them put on by any means, but it wasn’t the best. the highlight was when patrick played drums on deeper than beauty – a throwback to the show i saw them put on in guelph in 1994. it was also pretty cool that they played bells on and on the horizon. it was a fun night.

two bands in two nights? crazy!

i forgot my camera tonight unfortunately, and robin and mitch just assumed i’d have it. stupid me = no pictures for you.

the rest of my day was a bit cloudy. i felt like i was in a haze for most of it – super tired, sickish feeling, etc. it was a blah day. i got a bit accomplished so i can’t complain too much.

currently spinning: mike o’neill – i’m so excited

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