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14 Aug 02

rollerblading in excessive heat is for chumps

i checked out bedouin soundclash last night with jo and andrea, and they were pretty fun. i’d heard good things about them from various people but i wasn’t sure what to expect. turns out they are pretty fun and entertaining, even though i had trouble taking the bongo player seriously. the show ended abruptly when the guitar player broke 2 strings on his guitar and apparently he didn’t have a spare…alas.

tonight is sloan in fabulous downtown gananoque. i hope they don’t suck.

work was worklike yesterday, and i’m kind of unmotivated today. plus, i’m super tired which doesn’t help matters much (nor does the fact that i bladed in for the first time in a while and it’s far too hot and gross to be doing silly things like that).

currently spinning: the inbreds – kombinator

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Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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