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13 Aug 02

a posting chock full of peanut buttery goodness

you know, today might have been the best 12 hours of work i’ve ever experienced. usually if i stay at work late i usually leave in an atrocious mood…fed up or frustrated or whatever. today though was different: at about 10 am i icqed mitch and told her that i had a good feeling about how things were going to turn out today, and i was right. for once, everything actually worked. fantastic!

unfortunately though, because i spent so much time at work today i have no interesting stories to tell.

work was actually kind of weird today. i work in a team of 10 right now (3 first level staff, 4 second level staff, and 3 second level staff with other responsibilities…i’m one of the last category) and only 5 of us were in today. that was definitely a stretch on resources. i, as has been the norm of late, wasn’t actually in my office much today (computer labs have been my hang out), so that seemingly reduced the number of staff present even more. but, my not being around for a while was a blessing: the air conditioner in the library was turned off for a few hours for fire alarm testing. why couldnt they have picked a cooler day? blah.

quick poll: how many people ate paste when they were a kid? i didn’t. unless it was peanut butter-based, i just said no.

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