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11 Aug 02

may your day be a circus day!

ah, a nice relaxing weekend. i didn’t do much of anything yesterday, although i couldn’t sleep last night so i ended up spending a few hours working on webpage stuff. yay for being a geek.

my internet’s been flakey all day so i haven’t really been able to do any more work like i’d planned on doing. i was debating going into work for a while this afternoon but i figure i’ll be there enough this week.

it’s funny, jo mentioned the fact that there was a circus in town this weekend so we decided to go, if we could figure out for sure that it WAS here. there was nothing on the internet mentioning it, and the contact phone numbers were unanswered on the weekend. we chanced it and drove up there, and sure enough, the garden brothers circus IS at the memorial centre. we ended up talking ourself out of going after all of that though. even though we didn’t go though, we heeded the advice of the voice on the garden brothers answering machine: our day WAS a circus day nonetheless.

oh, and finally, a picture of the tallest chair i’ve ever seen from the computer lab i worked in on friday:

i left in the desk for scale. yes, that’s a normal sized desk. a fun game is leaping onto the chair and rolling across the room at full speed without tipping over. i’m a child.

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