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10 Aug 02

a tale of woe and fun

yesterday was divided into equal parts crappiness and funness. it got pretty warm again here yesterday after a 3 day reprieve, so of course i spent part of my morning moving computers from one lab to another. it didn’t take as long as last time thankfully though, but it was still a treat.

in the afternoon i went back to the lab to finish setting up the computers, and i stupidly expected it to take no time at all since i had already installed the software on all 12 of them. while i was setting them up, however, i noticed a piece of software missing…so i installed it and reimaged all of them (a slowish process)…and then i ran into that same problem i’ve had before of XP not detecting the sound card properly and becoming unresponsive for at least 1/2 hour while trying to install the drivers..blahblahblah. too much rambling, sorry, but the point is that i stayed in the lab until about 5:15 on a friday afternoon and at that point i realized that a bunch of OTHER software was missing as well. gah. so, i begin the whole process again on monday.

last night was our wine tasting thingy, instead of a normal potluck this week. i appeared to be the only one drinking red wine for some reason, and i switched to sangria at some point before going to tango for an $8 martini…yikes. it was a fun night, with the exception of walking home at 3am. now i gotta stroll back to get my car today as well…i think i’ll rollerblade.

sorry about the extreme boringness of my post. it sounded much more interesting in my brain before posting it.

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