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08 Aug 02

everything went….right?

weird. i guess for a while there my site was adding comments to the wrong postings, and i didn’t notice. i think it’s working now though.

today was good because everything went right on the first try…that doesn’t happen very often. as a result though, i don’t really have any stories. i guess that’s a good thing.

i’ve been looking for music by a band called ciao bella. i originally found them on audiogalaxy when i was searching for salteens songs (“other people who searched for the salteens also liked beulah and ciao bella”). i downloaded a song back then called how low, but the stuff by beulah grabbed me and i got obsessed with them for a while and sorta forgot about ciao bella, until the weekend when i put that song on a mix cd i made. so, when i went searching for them today, kazaa lite came up with nothing…and google found this site and this site, two other bands called ciao bella – definitely not what i’m looking for. the only site i can find about the correct band is this one, and there’s a demo mp3 on endearing’s site (but it’s only 96k/sec). anyway, does anyone have any more information about them? i’m assuming they’ve vanished.

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Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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