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07 Aug 02

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while i was driving home from work today, i saw a guy biking up the street while holding a laundry basket and vacuum. my first thought was “wow, i wish i had a camera.” my second thought was “i DO have a camera”. here’s the result:

i’m pretty sure he was the same guy i saw biking down union carrying fans a few months ago (and i’m almost positive i wrote about him in my blog before but i can’t find it). anyway, i was greatly amused…and impressed at how adept he is at biking while so loaded down.

so yesterday, i worked until 11:20pm, hence my log entry. it was a frustrating experience of finding out a bunch of mistakes i’d made in various computer labs. without dwelling on that any further, i spent today fixing those mistakes and was unbelievably productive. if i were a pessimist i’d say that i really didn’t make any forward progress since i was just fixing mistakes, but i’m not going to say that.

i also took some pictures of the lab i spent yesterday afternoon in, basically to demonstrate how bizarre it is. it’s unique even for queen’s, and looks as though it’s a bomb shelter, or perhaps a cellar. even better is the fact that some small animal has eaten a hole through the screen, getting leaves everywhere (including in the printer). on the bright side though, at least that room is a thousand times more secure than those computers’ last location: a room on the main floor with windows that get left open all the time.

oh, and my mommy visited today. she came and looked at my office briefly. a good time was had by all.

finally: davy and goliath are coming back! how exciting. if i watch enough, will that prevent me from going to hell?

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