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05 Aug 02

how many yanks can one see in a weekend?

el scotto and tim came to visit me for the weekend, and it was a treat as always. of course, i had to hold their hands while crossing the street and keep both eyes on them because you never know what kinds of trouble 14 and 15 year olds will get into. anyway, it was a fun time.

we went to an expos game yesterday, so we spent much of the day in the car. here’s a picture of the three of us at the game, and even though the expos lost they made it interesting.

rather than talking at length about the game though, i’d rather show some pictures taken on the way to and from the game of random weirdness on the highway (as well as some stuff at the game itself). first of all, compare a photo i took back in july of the coolest dairy queen sign with how that sign looks now:

where’d it go? what a let down.

we also got a picture of smoke meat pete’s (the place i should’ve gotten a picture of last time), a bizarre truck with 7 antennas on it, a fun truck convoy, a guy wearing a great cubs suck shirt, and a car with a newfoundland license plate towing a car with an ontario license plate on a trailer with a florida license plate.

other than that, we went to see signs along with the rest of the world (and had to sit at the front as a result). the reviews were right: it DOES feel like a hitchcock film. i enjoyed it overall. the boys also wanted to see the wrong guy, so i obliged of course. and wow, they are both amazing at tony hawk 3 for playstation 2. they’re better after a few hours of playing than i was after a couple weeks.

i drove them back to millbrook today and endured the brutal holiday monday traffic. the way back to kingston was clean sailing though. i found out when i got to millbrook that my dad actually spent saturday night in the residence i lived in in first year (victoria hall) because there were no other rooms anywhere near kingston. i felt sorry for him.

oh, and i finally found an answer to a question i’ve had since i moved into this building. there’s a boarded up tower just outside my building and i’ve heard a bunch of stories about what it was originally used for including a water tower, something for the fire department, and a hanging tower. i finally found a website that explains that it was originally a water tower for kingston penitentiary. mystery solved. and i know i’m the only one who cares.

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