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03 Aug 02

hot hot heat are hot and full of heatness

i couldn’t have been more wrong about hot hot heat. when i posted about them before i called them “grifters-esque”, but the only thing similar between them and the grifters is that the singer can do similar things with his voice, and that they’re both on subpop. hot hot heat are kind of repetitive but polished and fun (they’ve been on the road for 5 weeks now, so they’ve got their show down). picture hawksley workman if he was the frontman for an 80s punkish band, and that’s sorta hot hot heat. the opening band was called math, and i think they’re gonna be really good someday, if they stay together. their one singer sort of reminded me of mike o’neill (in looks and sound), and if he was the only singer i think their set would’ve been more entertaining. their rhythm guitarist wasn’t terrible, but his songs all sorta sounded flat and monotonous. their opening song, 80 days(about life in a balloon), blew me away.

anyway, i spent a couple hours yesterday in a computer lab in stirling hall. the building itself is round, and the computer lab was on the 5th floor in the centre of the building, so there were no windows or anything….and the building is unair conditioned. basically all the heat and humidity had collected in that one room. what a treat. the lab itself went very well, except that the network was misconfigured so i had to screw around for an hour trying to get it to agree with my software (but that was beyond my control).

on my way back to my office i saw a crow beating up a bat. how bizarre, two bats in two days, except this one was outside during the day time. the crow was just toying with it..picking it up and tossing it with its beak. very odd.

i also made a big long trek across campus to visit 4 different labs, and by the time i got back i had decided i didn’t want to go outside anymore. when’s it going to be a more tolerable 23 or 24C?

other events of yesterday: i got my hair cut (whee) and i booked my ticket to vancouver for august 17th. i’m still trying to figure out if i can see a couple of friends while i’m there – if i can’t i’ll be a bit upset, but it’ll still be time away.

currently spinning: radiohead – i might be wrong

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