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02 Aug 02

kingston has no shortage of hot hot heat

why is it that every time i go to do work in the english/history/philosophy computer lab, there’s a bat in there? how bizarre. i ended up spending 5 hours in that lab today and felt pretty good about how much i accomplished in that time…i can’t really complain. the only downside was that i didn’t get to eat lunch until 3. blah.

tonight felt a bit rushed because i ended up having a nap until 6:45, and i was supposed to be at a potluck at 7:30. i cheaped out and bought my favourite greek salad and rented a video, then hurried home to call my brothers to see if they wanted to come up this weekend (i meant to call them before i went out), then rushed back out to pick up people to drive them to the potluck. anyway, we watched amelie again tonight, and it’s still sooooooo good even after watching it 3 times. what’s that you say? you haven’t seen it? go! now!

hot hot heat is playing at a small club here tomorrow night. should i go? some of their songs are pretty catchy (they kind of have a grifters-esque feel to them), but some are pretty much noise, from what i’ve heard. the jury’s still out. if you have an opinion, voice it below.

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