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31 Aug 02

don’t use that lightswitch!

robin just reset chumptastic!

and yet, it still lives.

31 Aug 02

dammit janet, i love you

i just got back from the rocky horror show in toronto, and i thought it was fabulous. it was fun because most of the performers are former or current queen’s students, so i recognized most of them…it was like being home. oh, and scott and the band were fantastic as always, even though he claims he screwed up a couple times. whatever.

other stories from today include the fact that i ducked out of work early in order to try to nap before the big drive (since i had trouble sleeping last night), a complaint phone call from one person followed by a complimentary email to my manager from someone else, and the fact that i have to go to work tomorrow. whee.

i think that’s enough. it’s 2 am.

28 Aug 02

there are two things i can’t stand…

hmm, i must’ve been tired because i forgot to mention i saw the new austin powers last night (finally…just about everyone i know had already seen it). it was better than i expected, and i liked it better than #2. laugh laugh laugh. i think i like anything with seth green in it. almost.

i also made reservations yesterday to see the rocky horror show in toronto on friday night. that should be a good time.

i’ve already been at work for 2 hours. i guess i’d better go do something productive.

currently spinning: apples in stereo – strawberryfire

28 Aug 02

my lights are turning off

today was rough, as predicted, but only because i was really tired. there was no hangover, which was a bonus (and can be attributed to the fact that i drank about 5 gallons of water when i got home as a preventative measure).

i think there’s a bit of a conspiracy against me again this week: i got to work at 7:30 on monday (mainly because i woke up insanely early), i didn’t get much sleep last night for obvious reasons, and i have a meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30. what’s going on?

this week hasnt been exceptionally productive thus far for a number of reasons, and i’ve had a whole pile of frustrations punching me in the face since i got back from holidays. i find as well that i don’t get nearly as much software installation-type stuff done during a normal work day as i do on a weekend or at night. i wonder why that is?

i still havent gotten around to posting my week in review from last week…i’ll try to get to that by the end of the week.

currently spinning: local rabbits – lights turn on

27 Aug 02

because your dinner looks like something from a cronenberg flick

mark this down on your calendars:
on august 26th, rob went to beach slam.

yes, fucking beach slam.

oh, and also mark down that on august 27th rob’s day at work was exceptionally rough. (i’m sure i’ll be able to confirm that in a few hours).

26 Aug 02

fun with time zones

hmm, that was completely unexpected.

when one makes the transition back to eastern time from pacific time, should one be waking up at 5 am eastern? i would say not, because that’s the equivalent of 2 am. in fact, i was expecting to have a really difficult time waking up this morning.

but, here i am.

i wouldn’t say i’m wide awake, but laying in bed for the last hour without being able to get back to sleep hasn’t really impressed me. i think today’s going to be a long day.

25 Aug 02

photo fun

first of all, here is proof that i am helping to fund the fabulous vancouver airport. they need my $10 from the look of it. stupids.

anyway, i went in to work today like a chump and was a bit distressed at what i found: a lot of stuff that was supposed to be done by the time i got back wasn’t, and a few things have broken. fantastic. this is going to be a long and busy week, i’m afraid. training for new employees starts tomorrow as well, and i’m apparently scheduled as one of the trainers (for tomorrow no less). i guess i’d better put something together first thing in the morning.

finally, for anyone who’s interested, i’ve slapped together a quick photo album of my fabulous journey, so feel free to peruse and comment below on any pics that you find especially fun. i like how a bunch of them turned out. i’ll just have to go back someday and take more.

oh, and as a fun fact: it didn’t rain at all while i was in vancouver for some reason, and now that i’ve left it’s cloudy and cooler. of course it’s still gorgeous here. i guess i’ll take credit for that.

currently spinning: beulah – maroon bible

25 Aug 02

i’m back like bacon

i’m ba-ack!

i’m not gonna write too much tonight (since it’s currently 3 am in the real time zone), but i’d like to express my disdain for the vancouver airport and air canada in general. i arrived at the airport today at about 12:30 pacific time, for a domestic flight scheduled to leave at 2:15 – plenty of time, right? it took an hour just to check my bags if you can imagine (4 air canada employees working the counter? good idea!). after checking my bags i was forced to pay a $10 “airport improvement fee” (although i scammed somebody who apparently doesn’t know how to work kiosk machines and ended up paying nothing), and let me tell you: that airport can use some improvements. then, when i thought i was almost ready to board, i encountered the security line. it was deceivingly long – it curled around a corner and back again, and since only 2 lines were functioning it took forever to get through. i was getting a bit nervous because the clock was ticking. by the time i got through it was 2:05 (the queue i chose had an x-ray machine break down, and subsequently several people standing around doing nothing while the x-ray monitor person disappeared), so i hurried through the terminal to my gate and boarded 5 minutes before takeoff – too close for my liking. as it turns out though, other people on my flight were caught in security as well, so they delayed takeoff by 20 minutes or so. i thought that was nice of them. unfortunately, when we started to leave, we found ourselves 11th in line to take off, which delayed us a further 40 minutes.

so, i arrived in toronto at about 10:40 or so, at the last gate in the terminal. after a really long walk to the baggage claim, i watched and watched and watched for my bag, and suddenly the conveyor belt stopped moving. i stood there for about 15 minutes waiting for it to start back up, and finally i noticed some people going off to another belt. sure enough, that’s where my bag ended up (thanks for telling us air canada).

i spent another 15 minutes or so waiting for the parking shuttle to take me to my car, and that was without incident…except when i asked the parking attendant which way the 401 highway was from there, and she told me to turn right. that onramp turned out to be closed, and it took me 20 minutes to find another one going in the correct direction (there sure are a lot of highways around the airport. go figure.)

oh, and for good measure, i saw 3 police cars on my way home (after midnight!) and ran into some pretty heavy fog around napanee (home of flavour of the month, avril lavigne). but, i made it home, and i’m gonna try to get some sleep in an attempt to readjust my system to eastern time again.

ps. i got my beulah shirt and cd in the mail today! woo!

16 Aug 02

200th posting extravaganza

how odd. the post i made last night entitled “200th posting extravaganza” has vanished. to be honest, i forget what i posted…so by default, this is the new 200th post.

anyway, the real reason for this post is to bid you all adieu. i’m departing for vancouver at 6:30 tomorrow morning, and i’ll be back sometime saturday night. i will do my best to take a bunch of pictures.

everyone’d better be good while i’m gone. i’ll know if you aren’t.

15 Aug 02


have you ever been at the laundromat and, while cleaning the dryer’s lint screen, wondered to yourself “what the fuck did the last person dry?”

i just found myself in that situation. i swear someone dried a sheep earlier today.

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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