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23 Jul 02

conspiracy theory

ok, i’m getting more convinced there’s a grand conspiracy to prevent me from being productive at work. today wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday though (i actually left feeling like SOMETHING got done), but today’s annoyance was that queen’s network went down for much of the afternoon, which limited what i could do in a big way. bah.

what else happened today? nothing.

so there.

23 Jul 02

our team is destined for greatness, or a reasonable facsimile thereof

today felt like the world was against me. ok, maybe that’s a bit strong, but so many bad things happened at work i ended up getting nothing accomplished. i spent my morning setting up a computer exactly how i want it, so i could copy it onto computers in a lab. no problem there, but for some reason when i was done the hard drive stopped being detectable. so, i had to ship it away and grab another computer to work on from another lab. that’s fine…but the floppy drive was bad in it and it took me 5 floppy drives before i could find one that worked. i finally did, and realized that the disk image i created for it didnt work so i had to install windows from scratch…but then it magically stopped being able to be turned on. grrr. anyway, that’s the brief version. yuck.

tonight’s softball game was pretty fun, even though there we got pummelled 31-14 (and i made my worst error of the year by far), and there was ANOTHER stupid argument by someone who’s far too uptight when it comes to rec league softball. geez.

after the game we ventured to the grad club to celebrate our pummelling with free beer and nachos…more people came than i expected so it was a good time. we followed that up by watching the shining (still such a good movie) and now i’m nice and exhausted.

the only other thing i’ll mention is the art project i worked on last night…something i’m gonna hang in my office. comments?

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22 Jul 02

come drive with me

whee, a fun filled day in millbrook has come to a close. it was my brother tim’s 14th birthday bash, and i have commemorated the festivities in my usual way, with the help of several guest photographers along the way. it was a fun day consisting of much swimming, cake and chinese food (as well as a brutal drive to millbrook – what was up with the traffic?)

rather than talk more about that though, i’ve created a mini photoessay detailing my drive home from fabulous millbrook, which i will begin now.

there are some interesting architectural examples in my dad’s neighbourhood (keeping in mind this is in the middle of the country).
for example, the underground house:

the dome house:

and the randomly placed mobile home, in between the dome and a farm:

further along my drive, in the beautiful village of balieboro, i encountered this sign:

what on earth is a designer sink?

just past balieboro is the home of the guy who own’s the “best best best best best” carpet store in peterborough, and for some reason he decided he needed a yellow driveway:


continuing up highway 28, near bewdley, there’s a sign advertising what i can only describe as hell:

all the badness of a much music video dance party, combined with the atrociousness of country music. yikes. my dad says they’re incredibly popular around there, but i guess that fits.

just outside of port hope, still on highway 28, i had to take a picture of my favourite mailbox of all time (which proves i’m a geek):

what’s most interesting about this pic is how cool it turned out…i almost wish that that mailbox wasn’t there obscuring the cool sky. and doesn’t it look like i stuck in the “borg” label after? [note to non-geeks: the borg are star trek villains.]

unfortunately, i wasn’t able to take a picture of the last thing i wanted to include here, because by the time i reached marysville on the 401 it was dark out. it’s a big truck trailer that’s been at the side of the road for years, and used to be used to advertise a native reservation’s goods for sale, but for some reason the ministry of transportation came by in the middle of the night and painted over it on them. they recreated the sign and poof, it was wiped out again. the most recent event in this saga is that someone has painted “i am will power defined” on both sides of the truck in bright red. it’s truly awesome.

anyway, i was gonna go to bed about 1/2 hour ago. i suck.

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21 Jul 02

i had a soul explosion

wow, by divine right have proven to me that they deserve to be listed as one of my favourite live bands. i was a bit worried when the came out on the stage to set up and appeared sober, but they disappeared for 10 minutes or so and came back significantly less than sober. as a result, they put on another excellent high energy show that i didn’t want to end. (unfortunately, the owners of zaphod’s don’t share my way of thinking and once again turned the club into a dance bar at 11…alas). i think the highlight of their set for me was their cover of change of heart’s what my paws can’t move, especially since their version (with the inclusion of a flute and slide whistle) was barely recognizable. they played a lot of my favourites (come for a ride, soul explosion, hugger of trees, etc.) all in all, i left very satisfied. even the opening band (fully down) wasn’t too bad, although their songs lacked variation…and the music played between sets was excellent.

and i can’t believe i’m still awake. i’m off.

20 Jul 02

come for a ride…to ottawa

yesterday felt like the first day of summer to me. i mean, yesterday was july 19th and i was finally able to start doing the work i normally do on june 1st. i’m hoping that all of the preparation work i’ve been doing with software configuration, etc. will make things go super fast this summer, ’cause if not, i’m pretty much screwed. oh well, it’s a good feeling to actually be doing my job.

as for today: i’ve been pretty lazy so far, but i’ll be heading to ottawa in a couple of hours to see the fabulous by divine right live at zaphod’s. the last time we saw them play, they won the award for most inebriated band, as well as most entertaining band. they played until about 2:30am and sounded great even though i’m not positive they knew where they were. before they went on stage i was in the washroom and jose (the singer) came rushing in and announced to me “I NEED TO USE THE SINK” and then just looked at me. i was drying my hands…there was a pause…and i said “uh, ok”. that was also the show that allowed us to ogle sarah harmer for a few hours.

the only downside to tonight’s show is that, similarly to the dears show at zaphod’s, they will have an 11 pm curfew so they can turn into a dance club. how dumb. at least i’ll be getting home at a sane hour so i can drive to peterborough tomorrow.

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19 Jul 02

aesthetic of dumb is last night’s theme song

so, i got home from work last night at around 8:30, as i posted. of course, what i felt like doing most at that time was more work! so i started fixing broken links on a webpage at around 9 and didn’t finish until 11 (yes, one single webpage had several dozen broken links…it made my hands hurt). yawn. what a day.

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18 Jul 02

work is a four letter word

hmm. today wasn’t what i would consider “good”. i was at work from 8:30-8, which is bad enough, but it was super hectic for much of that time and nothing seemed to be going right. on the plus side, the equipment and software i ordered weeks ago has finally all arrived; on the negative side, the hardware hasn’t worked as well with windows xp as i’d hoped. i suspect today is the first of a series of long days, so i’m not going to complain too much – it’s not staying late that’s annoying, it’s feeling like i’m running constantly with my head nearing the point of explosion while i’m there that’s problematic.

i clearly have nothing interesting to say tonight, so i’ll just point out that reading knowledge base articles online that say “this is a known problem but we have no solution” really piss me off.

17 Jul 02

mr. enemabag jones


i woke up early today to take my car in to get fixed and now i’m super tired. it was a hectic day at work and i played softball afterwards in the superheat. doubleyawn.

let’s see. stories?

my car still makes a loud rattley sound. i met a guy at the garage who has the same car as me with the exact same problem. GM has no fix for it. damn 2001 cavaliers. they also forgot to book me for all the work i made a reservation for and i was told when i got there they probably wouldn’t be able to fix everything i wanted. turns out they fixed most of it, so i’m relatively happy. it sucked though..when i took my car in i had 2 notches left on my gas gauge, and when i got it back it was on empty with the light on. one of the things they fixed was the gas gauged sensor, so perhaps it was inaccurate all this time…anyway, it was stressful.

softball: hot and gross. we played an undefeated team and they’re still undefeated.

finally, a metafilter thread about kids in the hall and the wrong guy! so good.

17 Jul 02

what true rock and roll is

wow, forget that tragically hip/dears show i was whining about the other day. i have much huger news to report:

nazareth is coming to the iron horse!

you heard me right. i wouldnt kid about such things.

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16 Jul 02

blah to me

i had my first incident of someone finding my page and not being pleased with what’s on it. and they were right too. i guess i should think about what i post from now on. sometimes i forget that actual people are reading this. so, for being dumb, i’m sorry.

if i’ve posted something that’s irked you or pissed you off, let me know. i need a kick in the ass sometimes.

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