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30 Jul 02

installing XP builds character

our softball championship was tonight, and we couldn’t quite pull it out. it was the best game we played in all season, and the final was 23-19. it’s too bad…we had a bunch of bad calls by the umpire that went against us, but it was still a fun game. i can’t complain: we weren’t even supposed to be in the finals.

hey, look, i’m pitching, hitting, running, catching and coaching.

the rest of my day can be summarized as follows:

-my morning was spent in a long meeting at which i was able to express my concerns about those web courses i’m distancing myself from

-my afternoon was spent installing windows XP on my laptop for the 2nd and 3rd time. when i got to work today for some reason it would halt in the middle of booting, so i had to reinstall…the it happened again. and again. i finally narrowed it down to some software i had installed, so as i type this i’m installing XP for a 4th and final time on that laptop. how productive.

oh, and on my way home from work, i narrowly avoided an accident. this girl driving towards me turned left directly in my path and i had to slam on my brakes, just missing her. i’m not sure she even noticed. how exciting.

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