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27 Jul 02

does finishing first at softball make me a better person?

what? our softball team won all three games in today’s tournament?

what?? we finished first overall and will now be playing tomorrow in the playoffs?

for a team that finished 4-6 over the regular season, that sure isn’t bad. maybe it’s attributable to stellar managing… oh wait, no, more likely it’s because the teams we played kinda sucked and we added some ringers from another team. fantastic!

note that our first two games were at 8:30 and 10 this morning. whose idea was that? it was a billion degrees even at 8:30. oh, and i’m too old to play 3 games of ANYTHING in a day. this includes crocinole, badminton, lawn darts and softball.

i just noticed on the weather page that there are supposed to be thunderstorms tomorrow. does that mean we win by default! (the best two words in sports: de-fault!)

currently spinning: rome plows – exerpts from deadlines

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