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26 Jul 02

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i just had to restart the network on my webserver for the second time. i wonder what’s causing that? hmm. silly mandrake.

i spent 4.5 hours today reimagining my first lab of the summer. it was a frustrating experience but i feel good that i’ve finally got the first one out of the way. i learned a LOT today so i also consider that to be positive.

after work was a potluck, which was fun as always (has anyone ever had banana s’mores before? interesting… if so i bet you havent had them cooked on a barbecue). i brought strictly ballroom as entertainment, and was hesitant to do so because i wasn’t sure how everyone was gonna like it. i think i would’ve preferred to just watch it with mitch as was the original plan, but that’s ok. i’m pretty sure most of the people didn’t like it (and i didn’t like it as much as i did the first time i watched it, but i think that was ’cause i was concerned no one else did)…but i still think it’s well done. especially the beginning (before it slips into dirty dancing territory).

and hey, how didn’t i know that perhaps, perhaps, perhaps by cake is a cover? geez i’m slow sometimes. (another version is on the soundtrack of strictly ballroom).

afterwards i returned the movie and went in search of the drop box. i rented the movie for $2 at this little hardware store/ice cream parlour/video store called village video, and when i first started to go there a few years ago i couldnt find a drop box…i asked the guy and he said “oh, it’s next door at the laundromat”. of course it was, and why shouldn’t it be? i hadn’t been in a while so i went to check again, and there’s a sign on the door now saying “villiage video drop box next to rear entrance”. first of all, who spells the name of their store wrong on their sign? second of all, the rear entrance has no lights near it so it’s nearly pitch black back there…you’d think they’d have a light near the after hours drop box. i guess the logic is lost on some.

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