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23 Jul 02

our team is destined for greatness, or a reasonable facsimile thereof

today felt like the world was against me. ok, maybe that’s a bit strong, but so many bad things happened at work i ended up getting nothing accomplished. i spent my morning setting up a computer exactly how i want it, so i could copy it onto computers in a lab. no problem there, but for some reason when i was done the hard drive stopped being detectable. so, i had to ship it away and grab another computer to work on from another lab. that’s fine…but the floppy drive was bad in it and it took me 5 floppy drives before i could find one that worked. i finally did, and realized that the disk image i created for it didnt work so i had to install windows from scratch…but then it magically stopped being able to be turned on. grrr. anyway, that’s the brief version. yuck.

tonight’s softball game was pretty fun, even though there we got pummelled 31-14 (and i made my worst error of the year by far), and there was ANOTHER stupid argument by someone who’s far too uptight when it comes to rec league softball. geez.

after the game we ventured to the grad club to celebrate our pummelling with free beer and nachos…more people came than i expected so it was a good time. we followed that up by watching the shining (still such a good movie) and now i’m nice and exhausted.

the only other thing i’ll mention is the art project i worked on last night…something i’m gonna hang in my office. comments?

currently spinning: death cab for cutie – pictures in an exhibition

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