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22 Jul 02

come drive with me

whee, a fun filled day in millbrook has come to a close. it was my brother tim’s 14th birthday bash, and i have commemorated the festivities in my usual way, with the help of several guest photographers along the way. it was a fun day consisting of much swimming, cake and chinese food (as well as a brutal drive to millbrook – what was up with the traffic?)

rather than talk more about that though, i’ve created a mini photoessay detailing my drive home from fabulous millbrook, which i will begin now.

there are some interesting architectural examples in my dad’s neighbourhood (keeping in mind this is in the middle of the country).
for example, the underground house:

the dome house:

and the randomly placed mobile home, in between the dome and a farm:

further along my drive, in the beautiful village of balieboro, i encountered this sign:

what on earth is a designer sink?

just past balieboro is the home of the guy who own’s the “best best best best best” carpet store in peterborough, and for some reason he decided he needed a yellow driveway:


continuing up highway 28, near bewdley, there’s a sign advertising what i can only describe as hell:

all the badness of a much music video dance party, combined with the atrociousness of country music. yikes. my dad says they’re incredibly popular around there, but i guess that fits.

just outside of port hope, still on highway 28, i had to take a picture of my favourite mailbox of all time (which proves i’m a geek):

what’s most interesting about this pic is how cool it turned out…i almost wish that that mailbox wasn’t there obscuring the cool sky. and doesn’t it look like i stuck in the “borg” label after? [note to non-geeks: the borg are star trek villains.]

unfortunately, i wasn’t able to take a picture of the last thing i wanted to include here, because by the time i reached marysville on the 401 it was dark out. it’s a big truck trailer that’s been at the side of the road for years, and used to be used to advertise a native reservation’s goods for sale, but for some reason the ministry of transportation came by in the middle of the night and painted over it on them. they recreated the sign and poof, it was wiped out again. the most recent event in this saga is that someone has painted “i am will power defined” on both sides of the truck in bright red. it’s truly awesome.

anyway, i was gonna go to bed about 1/2 hour ago. i suck.

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