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21 Jul 02

i had a soul explosion

wow, by divine right have proven to me that they deserve to be listed as one of my favourite live bands. i was a bit worried when the came out on the stage to set up and appeared sober, but they disappeared for 10 minutes or so and came back significantly less than sober. as a result, they put on another excellent high energy show that i didn’t want to end. (unfortunately, the owners of zaphod’s don’t share my way of thinking and once again turned the club into a dance bar at 11…alas). i think the highlight of their set for me was their cover of change of heart’s what my paws can’t move, especially since their version (with the inclusion of a flute and slide whistle) was barely recognizable. they played a lot of my favourites (come for a ride, soul explosion, hugger of trees, etc.) all in all, i left very satisfied. even the opening band (fully down) wasn’t too bad, although their songs lacked variation…and the music played between sets was excellent.

and i can’t believe i’m still awake. i’m off.

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