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20 Jul 02

come for a ride…to ottawa

yesterday felt like the first day of summer to me. i mean, yesterday was july 19th and i was finally able to start doing the work i normally do on june 1st. i’m hoping that all of the preparation work i’ve been doing with software configuration, etc. will make things go super fast this summer, ’cause if not, i’m pretty much screwed. oh well, it’s a good feeling to actually be doing my job.

as for today: i’ve been pretty lazy so far, but i’ll be heading to ottawa in a couple of hours to see the fabulous by divine right live at zaphod’s. the last time we saw them play, they won the award for most inebriated band, as well as most entertaining band. they played until about 2:30am and sounded great even though i’m not positive they knew where they were. before they went on stage i was in the washroom and jose (the singer) came rushing in and announced to me “I NEED TO USE THE SINK” and then just looked at me. i was drying my hands…there was a pause…and i said “uh, ok”. that was also the show that allowed us to ogle sarah harmer for a few hours.

the only downside to tonight’s show is that, similarly to the dears show at zaphod’s, they will have an 11 pm curfew so they can turn into a dance club. how dumb. at least i’ll be getting home at a sane hour so i can drive to peterborough tomorrow.

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