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18 Jul 02

work is a four letter word

hmm. today wasn’t what i would consider “good”. i was at work from 8:30-8, which is bad enough, but it was super hectic for much of that time and nothing seemed to be going right. on the plus side, the equipment and software i ordered weeks ago has finally all arrived; on the negative side, the hardware hasn’t worked as well with windows xp as i’d hoped. i suspect today is the first of a series of long days, so i’m not going to complain too much – it’s not staying late that’s annoying, it’s feeling like i’m running constantly with my head nearing the point of explosion while i’m there that’s problematic.

i clearly have nothing interesting to say tonight, so i’ll just point out that reading knowledge base articles online that say “this is a known problem but we have no solution” really piss me off.

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