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17 Jul 02

mr. enemabag jones


i woke up early today to take my car in to get fixed and now i’m super tired. it was a hectic day at work and i played softball afterwards in the superheat. doubleyawn.

let’s see. stories?

my car still makes a loud rattley sound. i met a guy at the garage who has the same car as me with the exact same problem. GM has no fix for it. damn 2001 cavaliers. they also forgot to book me for all the work i made a reservation for and i was told when i got there they probably wouldn’t be able to fix everything i wanted. turns out they fixed most of it, so i’m relatively happy. it sucked though..when i took my car in i had 2 notches left on my gas gauge, and when i got it back it was on empty with the light on. one of the things they fixed was the gas gauged sensor, so perhaps it was inaccurate all this time…anyway, it was stressful.

softball: hot and gross. we played an undefeated team and they’re still undefeated.

finally, a metafilter thread about kids in the hall and the wrong guy! so good.

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