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16 Jul 02

oh. i’m back. so soon?

whew, chumptastic is back after a sucky day of being lost in the ether. apparently (the people who provided me with a free host name) suddenly decided that everyone who uses their site must pay $5 or they’d be cut off. unfortunately they neglected to inform me of this until past the deadline so poof, down i went. i think it’s time to find a new hostname.

so…news? let’s see:

yesterday at work was mildly productive, but as usual it still had its moronic points. what would a day be without moronicy?

last night we went to the elixer’s patio for $2.25 beer. it was a gorgeous night so it was enjoyable. after we’d been there for a while two girls came to join us since one of them new someone at our table…the other girl was my ex’s cousin and i was a bit leery about that since i hadn’t talked to her since the big breakup 3 years ago. she ended up sitting right beside me, but it was cool…we had a pretty cool talk. very odd and unexpected though.

today’s moving day at work. they’re doing a bit of a remodel outside of my office in the computing information centre to provide room for a bigger call centre thingy. as a side effect, our office is completely full of other people’s computers and stuff (because it wasn’t nearly cluttered enough as it was). we also got to carry this enormous cactus across the room…it’s about twice as tall as i am and has very sharp thorns all over it. two of us were carrying it while one of my co-workers said “where’s a video camera when we need one?” fuck off. it hurts. still.

for some reason there’s a winnebago parked in my parking lot. can you imagine going on vacation and staying in the parking lot of fabulous john orr tower? it’s so bizarre to me, especially since a different motor home did the same thing last summer. weird.

grrr. as it turns out the dears are opening for the tragically hip at the molson amphitheatre in august. of course it’s now sold out. i’m gonna have to see what i can do about that.

currently spinning: starling – suitcases

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