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14 Jul 02


whee, i spent my day visiting another province. for americans, this might not seem like a big deal: driving from state to state often involves covering very little distance. for that matter, europeans tend to be cavalier about jaunts from country to country. however, canada covers such large expanses and only contains 10 provinces and 3 territories. as a result i’ve only ever been to two provinces – and hopefully i’ll change that by the end of the summer.

anyway, the point of the story: robin and i went to montreal expos game tonight and watched them beat the atlanta braves 6-3 in an excellent game. the expos have been the subject of contraction talks for the last year or so (there’s been a lot of talk of reducing the number of teams in major league baseball by two, and montreal’s been singled out because they typically only get around 8-10 thousand fans per game), but tonight showed that this may be premature. the expos have an excellent young team and have made some trades in the last couple weeks to become even better. their goodness resulted in 17 thousand people going to tonight’s game – which was completely unexpected by us. we were expecting the attendance we’ve witnessed in the past which allowed the fans to buy cheap seats and sneak down to the better seats as the game progressed. unfortunately there were few empty seats to allow us to do this…but our seats were okay anyway.

we left at 2 pm or so and got home just before 2 am, so it was a long day and i’m pretty tired. some other highlights:

  • arriving at the game and finding all of the doors marked “entrance” or “billeterie” locked. we had to walk all the way around to the front of the stadium before we finally figure out how to get in. the whole scene was almost post-apocalyptic: pretty much devoid of life, a concrete landscape in which even the fountains had been turned off.
  • choosing not to ride on the funiculaire, an elevator to the top of olympic stadium. i’d only ever heard that word in one other context, and that is the elevator from upper quebec city to lower quebec city. i wonder if there’s a direct english equivalent.
  • enjoying relearning french baseball vocabulary (or should i say le baseball). i forgot that, for example, arrÍt court meant short stop. take note, anglophones.
  • arriving early for batting practice and watching as right handed hitters hit homeruns to every section but ours. alas.
  • leaving the game and walking out the nearest exit only to find that we were in almost the exact spot where i parked. as a result i was one of the first to leave the parking lot and didn’t have to wait at all. this, however, was balanced out by the fact that we were stuck in a major traffic jam caused by a massive fireworks display. anyone know what quebecers might have been celebrating? i have no idea.
  • stopping in dorion on the way home in search of poutine, but only finding a retro dairy queen (i’ll post a pic tomorrow) and smoke meat pete’s (that’s no typo – they didn’t call their restaurant smoked meat pete’s), and finally settling on cop out mcdonald’s poutine. robin said it was distinctly unsatisfying. i had le big mac instead.

anyway, i’m up past my bedtime. i’ll post a few pics tomorrow when i get them off my camera.

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