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14 Jul 02

quelques photos des expos

today was a complete nothing day. the highlight was watching a bit of the expos game (and some of the blue jay game as well).

rather than attempting to find something interesting to say about a completely uninteresting day, i’ll share a few pics from yesterday. first and foremost, in dorion, quebec, you’ll find the coolest retro dairy queen i’ve ever seen:

we tried to buy poutine from there, but alas, it wasn’t a brazier dq. two questions: (a) what the hell is brazier? i’ve never seen that word anywhere besides dq. (b) what’s the french word for brazier? it looks french as is.

anyway, robin took a picture of me giving the thumbs up to le stade olympique’s funiculaire (you can see it crawling up the tower). man, i’m skinny. when i was inside i took a picture of batting practice from left field where we were waiting in vain for a homerun to be hit our way. note the shopping cart of baseballs. in the 9th inning i took a picture of bartolo colon pitching, that turned out pretty well if you ignore the woman’s head in the foreground. finally, on the way home, i stuck my camera out my car’s window and took a picture of the bastille day fireworks (while we were trapped behind the morons who abandoned their cars in the middle of the road so they could see the fireworks). anyway, i wish we had taken a picture of the concrete wasteland that is the rear of olympic stadium, and i wish we’d taken one of smoke meat pete’s. but, you’ll survive.

oh, and if youre interested, i found out that today’s bastille day…hence the fireworks we ran into in montreal last night. aha.

one more thing: do yourself a favour and buy starling’s stuff you should have said before. it’s been stuck in my cd player for the last few days.

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