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11 Jul 02

sleep: a priviledge not a right

what an odd night. i was worried about being tired after that crazy long nap i took, but by midnight i was plenty tired.

i fell asleep almost immediately when bedtime came, but at around 2:15 or so i woke up because i was having a dream about not being able to breathe properly, and when i woke up i wasn’t breathing properly. i’m not sure which was the cause and which was the effect, but it was a bit disconcerting. so, i got out of bed (and noticed that i hadnt hung up my phone properly earlier in the evening, thus explaining why i didn’t get a call i was expecting) and eventually tried to resume my sleep. this time, however, i never felt like i really got back to sleep – i felt like i was just dozing all night. i kept sort of waking up all night (but not all the way) and i felt kind of aware of what was going on around me. needless to say, my sleep wasn’t overly restful, and it was quite weird.

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