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10 Jul 02


what? no message posted last night? what kind of topsy turvey universe is this?

in fact, i was so zombieish last night that i couldn’t bring myself to post anything meaningful (not that this posting is meaningful but, you know). i’m actually still feeling much the same – allergies combined with not sleeping too well has sorta dulled my senses.

we played another softball game last night (we won 30-11 and were actually down 10-6 before getting serious), and the big news was that my team didn’t piss me off like they did last time. only two more games to go, plus a possibility of a tournament. where’d the summer go..?

after the game and a stop at the grad club, i spent 2 hours answering my work emails that i didn’t get to because i had 4 meetings yesterday. what a treat that turned out to be. and now, i must begin my today, and hope that it won’t turn out quite like yesterday.

currently spinning: apples in stereo – the bird that you can’t see

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Date: 1883

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