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07 Jul 02

a boring play by play of my weekend

i’m back from toronto. whee. my weekend had its ups and downs and i’m trying to assess whether it was good or bad overall. i guess i’ll let you be the judge.

things got off to a not so good start when i arrived at sarah’s on friday around noon and she wasn’t home. i sat on her porch reading the paper for an hour before she made it (apparently she tried to call me repeatedly to tell me to come later but i’d already left by that point). that sorta set the tone for friday.

i had the worst allergies on friday…i couldn’t stop sneezing and i went through countless kleenexes. i bought some new medicine while we were at the eaton centre (chlortriplon) and it saved my life. i havent sniffled since. when we got back to sarah’s place she realized she’d forgotten her keys, so once again i was locked out of her house. we ended up breaking in through kristina’s housemate’s room and made a nice mess in the process. we were later than we expected, and sarah had yet to begin packing at this point so she was getting pretty stressed and not really in the best of moods. we ended up going out to a firkin pub and ended up being late, so the people we were supposed to meet weren’t there (two hadn’t come yet because we’d forgotten to call them, and one had come and gone). fantastic. i felt a bit blah for much of the night ’cause it was one of those nights where i felt left out of conversations or a step behind. oh well.

saturday was a weird day. sarah did some more packing in the early afternoon and opened a bottle of wine while doing so. she ended up going out for the afternoon with her mom so kristina and her housemate and i spent the afternoon drinking and stuff. we then went to see mr deeds in our messy state, and it still was completely unfunny. it wasn’t my choice – i didn’t have any urge to see it in the first place. john turturro made me laugh a couple times (“free flamenco for everyone!”) but otherwise it was a bust.

after a break for dinner and stuff, we went to the dance cave. the original plan was to check out shakespeare’s world cup at the fringe festival, but it turned out to only be an afternoon performance. the dance cave was alright…i was tired and felt a bit left out of things again, but that’s ok. i did show off my table top hockey dominance, which was a highlight. we left at 3:15 am (yikes) and after a stop at pita pit, we crashed and were asleep by about 4.

unfortunately, the alarm went off at 8 this morning so sarah’s mom could come and pick up some of her stuff she didn’t want to bring to BC. we left for the airport around 10 and sent sarah on her way. oh, and maury chaykin was wandering through terminal 3 at the same time we were. yay minor celebrity sightings!

and now i’m back in kingston, and spent about an hour going through the email that had piled up while i was gone. fantastic. so was it good or bad?

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