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03 Jul 02

i’m a shoe gazer

even my apartment is hot tonight. the breeze that was blowing in off the lake unfortunately vanished today leaving my apartment pretty much unventilated. fantastic!

do i spend a lot of time looking at the ground? in the last 3 weeks i’ve found the following on the ground while walking with people (and nearly got my hand stomped on for my trouble):

  • a five dollar bill
  • a ten dollar bill
  • ten kingston transit bus tickets (i didn’t even know we had bus tickets here)

so, what i want to know is: why am i always the first to see such things? do i keep my chin firmly pressed against my chest? i’m not sure.

i’ve established that i shouldn’t own a laptop – i’m incredibly hard on them. last night my laptop tipped off of my couch and landed 2 feet below on a kleenex box of all things and will no longer boot. i’m trying to get all of my stuff off of it but it’s been gradually getting worse and will currently no longer boot at all, so i’m going to have to investigate network boot disks for a laptop. this isn’t the first time i’ve broken a laptop mind you…i’ve had seemingly endless problems involving network cards, motherboards, power supplies, etc. in the last two years. maybe i have an electric or magnetic field around me?

anyway, work today was super busy again. i can’t imagine how we’re going to cope in september when all the students come back. sure, we’re short staffed right now but we’re barely treading water. i guess it’s not really my problem though.

i took some digital pictures into a camera shop to get developed again yesterday (sarah’s bday pics actually) and when i went in to pick them up i was told that one of the three disks i dropped off was faulty. i thought that was odd since i tested them out before bringing them in, and sure enough, when i got home they all worked fine. my theory is that it’s a scam: it costs more to develop fewer pictures (79 cents each for under 20 or something, and 59 cents each for over 20). i’ve been had!

oh, and i guess no one knows where “i’ve got cherry blasters in my head” came from. i guess everyone thinks of steal my sunshine when they hear the name len, and forget that they were an indie rock band back in the early 90s with such fabulous songs as candy pop and slacker. oh well. another dime for me.

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