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02 Jul 02

i’ve got cherry blasters in my head

have you ever eaten more than half a pack of cherry blasters? they gradually eat away at the top layer of cells on your tongue until you can’t eat anything else for the rest of the day. an experiment in masochism might be to eat cap’n crunch followed by cherry blasters to wreck one’s tongue and mouth roof all at once. ouch.

my afternoon was spent answering “help me” emails, which was okish…just time consuming. i’m trying to get my act together for my real job and things are coming together slowly but surely. i can’t believe how far behind things are this summer….i’m usually well underway with computer labs by the beginning of july, but things just aren’t going my way so far. alas.

there’s a weird sign in my lobby asking to share one of the apartments in my building. if you’ve ever seen my apartment, you know it’s not tiny for one person but it’d definitely be cramped for 2. i can’t imagine living with someone i didn’t know in one of these apartments. i know that when janet moved in here a few years ago she took an apartment that was being shared by 2 guys – one lived in the living room, one in the bedroom. how cozy.

btw, i’ll give a nice shiny nickel to the person who can identify where the title of this post came from.

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    Greg H. Says:

    re: title

    Len- Candy Pop!

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