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02 Jul 02

canada day revisited

finally, a free moment to post about ottawa.

robin and i left for ottawa yesterday at around 11 or so, while it was still tolerable outside. by the time we arrived it was approximately a zillion degrees. the bus ride from robin’s to downtown was crowded but still on the tolerable side.

we spent the day wandering around byward market, watching street performers, looking for shade and things to drink, and ringing out our shirts. the temperature finally became more tolerable around 8 when the sun went down, and we sat on the hill and watched some canadian artists perform. the arrogant worms hosted and were funny as always, and david usher was pretty good as headliner (his cover of pink’s get the party started with ozzy playing in the background was a highlight). but…whose idea was it to bring in offenbach and stefie shock? are they even popular in quebec? yikes. at least they provided us with an opportunity to mock (and to mock the mobyesque, shirtless dancing guy in front of us).

the fireworks that capped off the evening were disappointing because you couldn’t see most of them from the hill. the idea was that they would be shot above the parliament buildings, but they weren’t getting high enough to really see them from where we were. alas. they only lasted 15 minutes anyway, and we forced our way through the crowd and eventually onto a super crowded and smelly bus (with quite possibly the most annoying guy i’ve ever seen), and eventually made it back to kingston by 1am. not bad.

oh, and i managed to buy an autographed copy of souvenir of canada by douglas coupland too…how appropriate.

and that is all i shall say.

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