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31 Jul 02

the great barstool mystery

in my building’s lobby today there’s a new sign on the bulletin board reading something like this:

due to unforeseen circumstances, i urgently require back 2 barstools that i recently sold to an asian couple. i unfortunately lost your phone number, but it is very important that i get these barstools back. i am willing to pay the original price, or, if need be, more. contact me at…

this brought to mind images of a zillion past tv shows: jewels/money/top secret documents/illicit love letters hidden beneath the seat cushions, all without a spouse’s/roommate’s/bartender’s knowledge. i can’t really imagine what would constitute a barstool emergency, quite frankly. this isn’t an episode of friends i’m living in, is it?

30 Jul 02

installing XP builds character

our softball championship was tonight, and we couldn’t quite pull it out. it was the best game we played in all season, and the final was 23-19. it’s too bad…we had a bunch of bad calls by the umpire that went against us, but it was still a fun game. i can’t complain: we weren’t even supposed to be in the finals.

hey, look, i’m pitching, hitting, running, catching and coaching.

the rest of my day can be summarized as follows:

-my morning was spent in a long meeting at which i was able to express my concerns about those web courses i’m distancing myself from

-my afternoon was spent installing windows XP on my laptop for the 2nd and 3rd time. when i got to work today for some reason it would halt in the middle of booting, so i had to reinstall…the it happened again. and again. i finally narrowed it down to some software i had installed, so as i type this i’m installing XP for a 4th and final time on that laptop. how productive.

oh, and on my way home from work, i narrowly avoided an accident. this girl driving towards me turned left directly in my path and i had to slam on my brakes, just missing her. i’m not sure she even noticed. how exciting.

30 Jul 02

manual labour is for chumps

hmm. my network died again. i guess it might be time to upgrade something or other. or maybe i’m being hacked? doesnt look like it though. i’ll be upgrading chumptastic within a month or so anyway, so hopefully it’ll hang together til then.

anyway, i didnt mention this, but early early saturday morning before our baseball tournament i dropped a glass plate and it shattered into a zillion pieces on my kitchen floor. i thought i’d cleaned it all up, but tonight i stepped on something that cut the bottom of my foot a bit…i never did find it so i’m assuming that it’s leftover shrapnel. i’m not crippled though, so save your sympathy cards.

today was officially equipment moving day, and what a day i picked (as i alluded to in my previous post). i didnt really get a whole lot else accomplished, but i did move a lot of stuff around and i’m now much better prepared to accomplish a whole lot later this week (once i get a bit of networking stuff straightened around, but that’s sorta beyond my control).

tomorrow is a post-mortem meeting about the web course catastrophe i was involved in this term. i’m looking forward to giving my two cents and telling them i no longer want to be involved in anything that disorganized. now if only i could get paid for the work i did…

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29 Jul 02

the great white north is melty

wow, it’s gross out today – there’s another humidex advisory in effect. what’s the smartest thing to do when it’s hot and humid out? that’s right, move 10 computers and monitors out of one computer lab and into another, and then take the computers from lab #2 and lug them back to your office.

when i got back to my office, robin said:
“judging from your back, it’s still hot out.”

yes, i was/am very disgusting.

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28 Jul 02

the geeks made the championship

yawn. we played another softball game this morning and won again somehow. that makes 4 wins in 2 days…and we won 4 games all summer before today. go figure. unfortunately, it rained for about an hour late this morning…long enough to rain out a game. rather than delaying the games they just rescheduled them for sometime this week, so we still have to play once more i guess. blah.

the morale of all this is that i’m old. i’m tired and sore. that’s all.

27 Jul 02

does finishing first at softball make me a better person?

what? our softball team won all three games in today’s tournament?

what?? we finished first overall and will now be playing tomorrow in the playoffs?

for a team that finished 4-6 over the regular season, that sure isn’t bad. maybe it’s attributable to stellar managing… oh wait, no, more likely it’s because the teams we played kinda sucked and we added some ringers from another team. fantastic!

note that our first two games were at 8:30 and 10 this morning. whose idea was that? it was a billion degrees even at 8:30. oh, and i’m too old to play 3 games of ANYTHING in a day. this includes crocinole, badminton, lawn darts and softball.

i just noticed on the weather page that there are supposed to be thunderstorms tomorrow. does that mean we win by default! (the best two words in sports: de-fault!)

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26 Jul 02

let’s play 7up

it’s raining…
it’s dark…
it’s friday…

this can only mean one thing:
indoor recess!

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26 Jul 02

chumptastic: your recipe depot

i just had to restart the network on my webserver for the second time. i wonder what’s causing that? hmm. silly mandrake.

i spent 4.5 hours today reimagining my first lab of the summer. it was a frustrating experience but i feel good that i’ve finally got the first one out of the way. i learned a LOT today so i also consider that to be positive.

after work was a potluck, which was fun as always (has anyone ever had banana s’mores before? interesting… if so i bet you havent had them cooked on a barbecue). i brought strictly ballroom as entertainment, and was hesitant to do so because i wasn’t sure how everyone was gonna like it. i think i would’ve preferred to just watch it with mitch as was the original plan, but that’s ok. i’m pretty sure most of the people didn’t like it (and i didn’t like it as much as i did the first time i watched it, but i think that was ’cause i was concerned no one else did)…but i still think it’s well done. especially the beginning (before it slips into dirty dancing territory).

and hey, how didn’t i know that perhaps, perhaps, perhaps by cake is a cover? geez i’m slow sometimes. (another version is on the soundtrack of strictly ballroom).

afterwards i returned the movie and went in search of the drop box. i rented the movie for $2 at this little hardware store/ice cream parlour/video store called village video, and when i first started to go there a few years ago i couldnt find a drop box…i asked the guy and he said “oh, it’s next door at the laundromat”. of course it was, and why shouldn’t it be? i hadn’t been in a while so i went to check again, and there’s a sign on the door now saying “villiage video drop box next to rear entrance”. first of all, who spells the name of their store wrong on their sign? second of all, the rear entrance has no lights near it so it’s nearly pitch black back there…you’d think they’d have a light near the after hours drop box. i guess the logic is lost on some.

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25 Jul 02

computered out

i’m 100% computered out. 13 hours at work is a good way of creating an aversion to typing.

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24 Jul 02

an example of pure, unadulterated intelligence

from an icq ad i saw earlier tonight:
“i sent from my phone a message back and it was really fast”
-icq user wiel

unfortunately, there are 20 wiels registered on the icq network. i was gonna ask everyone to spam them for such a fabulous quote. think of it this way: that was the most intelligent thing wiel had to say in their entire conversation with the icq folks. or, conversely, that’s the best quote from ANYONE icq had to work with when making their ads.

hopefully wiel is dutch or something.

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Date: 1883

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