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23 Jun 02

fruit roll ups. is there anything they can’t do?

clear the beer was a bust…stupid big lineup. who lines up to get into clark? bah. that’s ok though…we went to the tir nan og instead and had a lovely laid back patio evening.

one funny from this afternoon: the frosh girls going to a kegger at 4pm all tarted up. my favourite was the one wearing a fruit roll up esque skirt. definitely mid-afternoon attire.

and now i must sleep.

22 Jun 02

my heart (and the air) is made of gravy

it’s pretty gross out today. i don’t typically have trouble breathing but the air is so thick and heavy today i’ve found myself struggling for air a couple times today. to illustrate the yuckiness, here’s a picture from my balcony; note that the water seems to have vanished:

anyway, it’s been pretty much a nothing day for me. my day has consisted of sleeping in, doing some contract work, and wandering around downtown to make fun of american tourists. fantastic.

i’m off to clear the beer at clark hall pub tonight. i’m hoping for non-room temperature alcohol. whee.

21 Jun 02

a nothing day

i thought i’d be much more tired today after not getting a lot of sleep, but i had an alright day. i was actually more tired on wednesday i think. the game itself was a bit disappointing, but i guess i didn’t really have anything at stake. now i can cheer for an underdog like korea or senegal.

know what’s a bit odd? i was informed at work today that our summer expenditures were approved today finally, and for a while i was pleased to hear that because i’ve been waiting on this for months. but, then when i took a step back, i realized that i was getting excited about being able to do my job – that’s all this represents. in retrospect i’m annoyed that it took so long. usually our summer spending is done by april so i can spend the summer upgrading computer labs, etc., and it’s going to be a major rush this year, especially since i’m now alone. but…i guess i shouldn’t complain too much. it’s a step in the right direction anyway, finally.

it’s kinda weird to be home on a friday night. it’s the first time in weeks and i’ve been bored for the most part, in between napping and eating anyway. it’s kind of nice to not be busy though…i’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and it’ll be an extra bonus to be sleeping in my own bed instead of on a cot or something.

what a nothing post about a nothing day.

20 Jun 02

i’ve decided to give up sleep

ah, i’m home for a couple hours before going back out to watch the england/brazil world cup game. i’m such a moron. the game’s on at 2:30 am and i’m gonna watch it live. and yes, i work tomorrow at 8:30. yikes.

my day was actually pretty good, once i got past the frustration of: (a) not having the proper equipment to do my job and (b) being in a super hot office without air conditioning for much of the day. all my worries were forgotten about when i solved a problem that was haunting me for a few hours today, and when a bunch of budgetary issues were almost solved (hopefully they’ll be completely resolved by tomorrow).

my workshop this evening went wonderfully – the exact opposite of last time. the computers all worked flawlessly, there were enough to go around, and i was given all the information i needed ahead of time today. they were all very responsive too and that made the workshop fun. yay me!

after the workshop we watched the wrong guy (me for the dozenth or so time) and i mooched some leftover potluck food. fantastic.

and now i’m off to bed. for a couple hours anyway.

20 Jun 02

paid advertisement

this posting is brought to you by:

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20 Jun 02

are you there god? it’s me margaret

i woke up this morning and it was as though i hadn’t slept at all. i sleepwalked through my day, bumping into things and not thinking very clearly at all. it was an awful feeling; i hate it when my head is super cloudy like that. when i got home from work i had a 2.5 hour nap and felt somewhat awake again for the first time in a couple days – energyless, but awake all the same.

my day at work had some interestingness to it, if you’re a geek like me that is. i covered for a helpdesk guy for a while today while he went to a job interview and ended up spending time trying to configure a mac running os x to print to an lpr printer across campus. it didn’t work, but they gave us the wrong ip address, so i was pleased i figured out how to do it. i also had the pleasure of helping a girl reinstall windows on a computer that her dad broke for her. how nice.

robin and i came across a randomly placed mailbox in city park tonight. the obvious question is: why exactly is there a mailbox in the park? i don’t have an answer to this question, but it made us want to write letters and see if they get picked up. some possibilities:

  • dear santa. this year i want a pony, some masters of the universe action figures and some fireworks.
  • dear god, why do bad things happen to good people? also: can you grant me the ability to fly? thanks in advance.
  • dear homeless people, i am not trying to steal your thoughts. thank you.

half the fun of that would of course be watching whoever empties the mailbox read the letters, but i think that’s gonna be my new hobby all the same. if you have any suggestions for mail, feel free to leave them in the comments section. i’m such a comment whore – and an unsuccessful one at that.

robin also sent me some pictures he took at last night’s baseball game. here’s one of scott’s kids crawling all over me. aww.

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19 Jun 02

words to live by

from the sign in front of a church:
god answers knee mail

good to know.

19 Jun 02


i went to play softball tonight and i was feeling pretty blah ahead of time….by the end of the game i was completely wiped out. my pitches were a joke and i had to pull myself in the last inning. oh well, we won anyway (30-19 i think), so my complete suckiness didn’t hurt us too bad.

after the game we watched the bourne identity. if you havent seen it, you should. lola didn’t run nearly enough for my liking though, and her hair wasn’t red enough either…but i’ll let it slide this time.

work was workish. i was frustrated but i didn’t let things get to me.

too tired to write more. til tomorrow.

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18 Jun 02


flim millbrook!

18 Jun 02

bah to cogeco

wow, cogeco sure is sucking ass. that “fixed by 1 am” promise hasn’t exactly held true. i placed another tech support call to see why my internet’s been up and down and they weren’t sure this time. fantastic.

so, for those of you who havent been able to get their chumptastic fix as often as they might like (i.e. me), hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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