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30 Jun 02

i’m back, and i have nothing interesting to say

oh hey look, i’m back.

i’ve returned from a fairly uneventful trip to toronto, and i don’t really have too many stories to tell. the only noteworthy thing that happened to me since yesterday was that i visited the science centre yesterday afternoon (yes i’m a geek) and did all sorts of sciency things.

i also got a chance to visit the town dump, a fantastic store filled with candy, lunchboxes and board games adorned with characters from three’s company, charlie’s angels and the like. i picked up some great super friends cardboard cutouts, and i haven’t decided whether they should go on my wall at home or my office.

i missed out on the pride parade today because i drove back to kingston mid-afternoon. when i got here i spent an hour working on web course type things, and then promptly had a long stupid nap for no reason. so now i’m here and i don’t know exactly what to do with myself. alas. i also missed out on lotsa fun here over the weekend from the sound of it (a world cup brunch, a visit to margaritaville, etc.) so perhaps my timing’s off at the moment. oh well.

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