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28 Jun 02

yes, i’m alive

i know, i didn’t post anything last night…first time in months i didn’t write a little something when i was home. i guess that’s indicative of how busy i’ve been.

last night i took the night off from my contract work and went to a clear the beer at alfie’s. it wasn’t bad, but should heineken taste like cheese? one of our pitchers did. mmm, cheese.

we also played a softball game and got beat pretty bad (23-8). getting beat isn’t so bad really, but when my team starts to argue stupid calls i get frustrated. a couple people on my team made me not want to be our manager anymore…i mean, it’s rec league softball, and we’re all adults. i shouldn’t have to apologize to the other team for our behaviour after games.

i’ll post more later today, i just wanted everyone to know that i’m still alive.

currently spinning: local rabbits – key to the highway

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