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28 Jun 02

funny is funny

ah. hecticness makes me sleepy. i’m looking forward to being able to settle back into a routine of some sort at work, just so i can feel on top of things again. running from place to place with tight deadlines (on things that aren’t really technically even my job) makes things interesting. i’m enjoying work right now though, which is a good sign.

i posted some pictures from last night’s softball game last night as well. there are some fun pictures in there, including a lovely collision between two of my teammates. i was lucky to capture that moment.

last night when we were walking to the clear the beer, it was pouring rain. robin loaned us some umbrellas, but when we got there we didn’t really want to bring them inside with us. using his resourcefulness, robin decided that we should hide them outside in the bike racks until we were ready to leave and lo and behold, they were still there when we left. that amused me greatly. probably more so than it should have.

aly just reminded me of something i put on the web several months ago, and everyone should go look at it now. it’s a poster i found on a wall in mac corry basement three or four summers ago (and subsequently stole), and finally got around to scanning it last year. it’s worth a look. funny is funny.

anyway, i’m disappearing to toronto tonight after all. i’ll be back sometime on sunday (unfortunately it looks like i’ll be back after the world cup final…alas), and then i’m off to ottawa again on monday or something for canada day festivities. should be fantastic. hopefully everyone’s weekend is grand.

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