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26 Jun 02

whining followed by whining

today was pretty insane. i felt like i was drowning most of the day (a feeling that began last night when i got home from the graduation). so much is going on at work (new people starting, moving offices, lots of broken computers to fix, a computer camp in one of my labs, web courses beginning, etc.) it was overwhelming.

i spent my evening putting the finishing touches on my web courses (giving students access, etc.) and missed a potluck as a result. the sacrifices i make…

oh, and i just got an email telling me that one course’s student list has a lot of incorrect names on it. i.e. it looks like i’ll have to go through every course again tomorrow. fantastic. i had another 4 hours i didn’t want to do something fun with.

i have a new officemate now. i’ve never shared an office with anyone but steve before (in 5 years i was either by myself or with him). that should be interesting.

the teachers staying at the dorms behind my house are being exceptionally loud tonight. i was just thinking earlier that i didn’t really need sleep tonight anyway. oh wait.

currently spinning: radiohead – optimistic

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