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26 Jun 02

ah, grade 8. i don’t remember you a bit.

wow, what a long day. i have a lot i could write, but since it’s after midnight and this is the first time i’ve been home since 7:30am, i don’t have the energy to write much.

i went to the grad club to watch stupid germany beat stupid korea at stupid 7:30am. i had a lovely breakfast which took forever to serve and i had to eat it on my lap…but it tasted good.

work was very hectic today. i squeezed a lot into a little amount of time, but thankfully our new staff is starting tomorrow. i visited some interesting departments on campus today to attempt to fix some software problems. that was a highlight.

anyway, after work i drove to peterborough for my brother tim’s grade 8 graduation. unfortunately, it was approximately a million degrees outside which made it a squillion degrees in the gym. fantastic. as an added bonus, i also spilled mustard on my shorts on my way to the grad and i didn’t notice until it was too late to change. classy. can’t take me anywhere.

the grad itself was as expected. they got an android posing as a human to be the M-C again (she read the entire thing off of cards and made it sound like a grade 6 speech). we all progressively melted. i made fun of the boys wearing those weird shirts that are popular right now (you know, the ones that look painted, usually adorned with dragons or flames or super heros…ick). i observed that grade 8 graduation appears to be the first time many girls pick out a dress by themselves – with horrifying results. i noticed that millbrook is 99.99999% white, and this was exemplified by the fact that there was one black man in the entire crowd. no asians. interesting, that.

finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…here’s proof that tim has graduated to highschool:

and now, i must go pass out.

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