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24 Jun 02

get your foot long hot dog’s here

so, i found out tonight that everyone in the world has heard the expression ,jazz hands except me. i’m such a loser. i bet you’ve heard it. you can admit it if you have, just to make me feel worse.

anyway, we beat up on another poor team in softball tonight (32-15 or something i think). the game was fun but SO hot, so we swung by the grad club after for a free pitcher and some nachos. fantastic.

oh, and want to see something weird? mitch took a picture of robin and me after we hit the ball. here are the results:

notice any similarities?

after the ballgame and pub i was walking out of shoppers drug mart behind the slowest walker in the world. i’d never had this happen before: the automatic door actually closed on me because the guy i was following was THAT slow. then, when i was in the parking lot, i had to take a picture of this sign. i can’t help thinking: if you were spending a few hundred dollars on a sign thousands of people would see, would you not ask a spelling/grammar nazi like myself to proof read it? i guess not.

and now that i’m home i feel like crap. it must just be allergies but i haven’t been able to breathe for a couple hours and i feel like i have a fever. fabulous.

oh, and tomorrow’s my brother tim’s graduation! i’m gonna be heading to peterborough right after work to celebrate his graduatedness. yay tim.

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