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21 Jun 02

a nothing day

i thought i’d be much more tired today after not getting a lot of sleep, but i had an alright day. i was actually more tired on wednesday i think. the game itself was a bit disappointing, but i guess i didn’t really have anything at stake. now i can cheer for an underdog like korea or senegal.

know what’s a bit odd? i was informed at work today that our summer expenditures were approved today finally, and for a while i was pleased to hear that because i’ve been waiting on this for months. but, then when i took a step back, i realized that i was getting excited about being able to do my job – that’s all this represents. in retrospect i’m annoyed that it took so long. usually our summer spending is done by april so i can spend the summer upgrading computer labs, etc., and it’s going to be a major rush this year, especially since i’m now alone. but…i guess i shouldn’t complain too much. it’s a step in the right direction anyway, finally.

it’s kinda weird to be home on a friday night. it’s the first time in weeks and i’ve been bored for the most part, in between napping and eating anyway. it’s kind of nice to not be busy though…i’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and it’ll be an extra bonus to be sleeping in my own bed instead of on a cot or something.

what a nothing post about a nothing day.

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