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20 Jun 02

i’ve decided to give up sleep

ah, i’m home for a couple hours before going back out to watch the england/brazil world cup game. i’m such a moron. the game’s on at 2:30 am and i’m gonna watch it live. and yes, i work tomorrow at 8:30. yikes.

my day was actually pretty good, once i got past the frustration of: (a) not having the proper equipment to do my job and (b) being in a super hot office without air conditioning for much of the day. all my worries were forgotten about when i solved a problem that was haunting me for a few hours today, and when a bunch of budgetary issues were almost solved (hopefully they’ll be completely resolved by tomorrow).

my workshop this evening went wonderfully – the exact opposite of last time. the computers all worked flawlessly, there were enough to go around, and i was given all the information i needed ahead of time today. they were all very responsive too and that made the workshop fun. yay me!

after the workshop we watched the wrong guy (me for the dozenth or so time) and i mooched some leftover potluck food. fantastic.

and now i’m off to bed. for a couple hours anyway.

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