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18 Jun 02

i’m not going to type shemantics anymore. that’s right. shemantics.

crikey! my internet’s been down for most of the night. that’s sucked because (a) i’m a big geek and (b) i wanted to get some work done. according to the tech support woman there was a “hydro problem” which rendered my cable modem pretty much useless (as well as chumptastic for that matter). so, instead of being productive, i watched the dish with robin. it was interesting, but nothing spectacular. puddy was in it which is always a treat.

robin asked me: “who would win in a fight? patrick warburton (puddy) or chris noth?” i voted for puddy but i’m not so sure…place your vote in the comment section.

on the work front, my summer budget STILL hasn’t been approved, and won’t be til friday at the earliest. i spent my afternoon helping poor scott (yes, another scott) doing onsite support visits. as of friday he’s completely on his own until they hire more people, so he needs all the help he can get.

speaking of which, they’re apparently doing interviews for the support people this week, so we’ll be able to fill in some of our 3 vacant positions soon. hopefully.

while i was at home over the weekend el scotto was telling me that he has an “interview” for his careers class in place of an exam in which he has to dress up. i told him skeletor would be a good choice. unfortunately he’s never seen he-man so he didn’t really get the joke.

a couple weeks ago i wrote “semantics, shemantics” as the title of one of my posts. what i didn’t know was that it’s a term used to describe transexualism apparently. when i saw “shemantics” in my referrer log i didn’t even remember typing it, and i was suprised to see the google results of such a search. i’m thinking that the person who ended up at my site was a bit disappointed by the lack of shemale content.

currently spinning: fountains of wayne – i want an alien for christmas

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