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17 Jun 02

i documented my weekend with pictures, but you can’t see them yet

whew. i’m back. and i’m supertired.

i’ll preface this entry by pointing out that i don’t typically drink very much – those of you who know me can attest to this. you might get the wrong idea after reading this post, so keep this in mind.

as previously mentioned, i had a good time thursday night at the queen’s players show, even though the skits were pretty uneven and the players themselves were quite intoxicated by the end. sarah’s and my solution was to drink more in the hopes that things would get funnier – it didn’t work super well. i really did like the german rap group’s wedding singer audition, among others though. the music was super fun too (yay scott) – jimmy eats world and tiffany in the same show? according to scott, tiffany was the hardest to learn. who knew?

friday night was sarah’s birthday party in toronto. it was an interesting evening, to be sure. we started at a bar called the loose moose which turned out to be excessively expensive, so we moved to the bishop and the belcher, which i love. it’s a great pub with board games on each of the tables (operation, battleship, trivial pursuit…so much fun!) i met some new people, drank too much, and had a fun evening (with the exception of tension caused by one of sarah’s friends vanishing in order to do something else). i’ll post my pictures tomorrow sometime. mara, sarah and i all slept in her living room that night (poor sarah got the floor, poor mara got the loveseat, and i somehow ended up on the cot). fantastic!

on saturday i spent even more money, this time on jeans and cds (the hip’s in violet light, ash’s nu-clear sounds, weezer’s maladroit and blurtonia’s self-titled cd). i haven’t really had a chance to listen to any of them so far, so i don’t yet have an opinion. it really pissed me off though: apparently hmv has stopped carrying independent artists as a cost cutting measure! i think i’m going to boycott. i also saw insomnia saturday night which i enjoyed…it was lacking something and sort of gave away too much up front i thought, but i enjoyed the fact that pacino’s character didn’t sleep for the entire movie.

i left toronto at around 8 this morning and had a visit with my mom before she had to go to work. i picked up my grandma and drove to my dad’s this afternoon, and we ended up taking a tour of fabulous downtown millbrook, which has been transformed into river city iowa for the filming of a remake of the music man starring matthew broderick. it’s really quite impressive: they built false store fronts on the main street all within a week. i took a bunch of pictures of this too, and i’ll post them tomorrow as well.

then, i came home. and i’ve been working through my backlog of email ever since i got back. wheee.

currently spinning: beulah – matter vs. space

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