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13 Jun 02

segways are not my thing

so, while i was at mitch’s potluck tonight, i was opening a bottle of carbonated cranberry drink and disaster struck! i was suddenly covered with fizzy goodness (as was the floor). i think someone shook up the bottle just before i got there and just waited to see who would fall victim. yeah, i wanted to open with that story because it further demonstrates my coolness.

i went to a departmental meeting at work today and some of the things i heard made me laugh. why do i still work where i do?

apparently there was a lot of rain in peterborough last night (where i grew up). so much so that there were floods that caused some major roads to be closed. we got practically nothing here compared to that. it was miserable for most of today although it had stopped raining by our baseball game. the rain was instead replaced by coldness and dampness, and the field was nice and wet and puddly.

oh, and the game itself: we lost 12-3. we gave up an 8 run inning, so without that it would’ve been the lowest score i think i’ve ever seen. defense tends not to be a strong point in this league.

do you ever have those days where sentences/paragraphs you write just don’t flow together? i’m obviously having one of those days. alas.

back to the potluck: i met a guy tonight who recognized me because i was his TA back in first year. he’s a grad student now. that makes me really old. also, what i thought was a super funny and clever moment (courtesy of robin). someone was talking about how their work kept buying new office equipment, and the latest purchase was a new paper shredder called the “master shredder”. robin says: “like, as in teenage mutant ninja turtles?” clever boy, that robin.

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