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13 Jun 02

a blurb about a lunch

cindy says, and i quote:
“i think you should post a blurb about the lunch we were just at”
so here goes.

today was yet another goodbye lunch at work…and there’s still one more to go in the near future. the lunch itself was pretty uninteresting…just a lot of bitching and jokes. someone brought up the topic of whether or not two people were dating because they’re seen hanging around with each other a lot, and mitch pointed out that we shouldn’t assume anything – that’s exactly why people always think we’re dating. after lunch was over, cindy and i walked downtown and enjoyed the gorgeousness of the day.

weird: when i got to mitch’s yesterday she was listening to starling’s sustainer (one of my favourite all-time cds) and robin said that he was just listening to it before he’d come over. i mentioned starling at lunch again today and cindy said she’d been listening to them every morning lately. how odd. and it turns out they JUST released their new cd this past weekend, but it appears to have zero distribution so it’s not yet available. alas. and, for the record, that story was far more interesting when it was still in my head.

anyway, i’m gonna go to the queen’s players show tonight (and wave to everyone’s favourite musical director, scott) and head to toronto tomorrow for sarah’s birthday party, so this will probably be my last post for a while (yay!) i’m also planning on squeezing in a visit with my mom AND dad over the weekend, so once again hecticness will ensue. oh, and i’d better get my dad a fathers’ day gift asap.

as always, be good while i’m gone.

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