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12 Jun 02

read this now and improve yourself

two quick anecdotes, both of which will make you a better person for having read them:

1. for some reason, people leave stuff they no longer want in my laundry room (books, clothes, random stuff) and i rarely pay much attention because there’s usually an obvious reason why they don’t want the stuff anymore. yesterday though, while i was doing laundry, the books that were sitting there caught my eye. get this: coupland’s microserfs (my favourite book) and generation x, heller’s catch 22 and vonnegut’s slaughterhouse five. note that these are four of my all-time favourite novels, so i of course scooped them. unfortunately, i own them all. i’ll have to donate them to a worthy person.

2. last night i found a plastic bag beside my couch that was a bit of a mystery. note that the way my living room is organized, i never really look on the one side of my couch throughout the winter: it’s beside the door to my balcony which stays closed until it’s a bit more summery. anyway, the bag contained the following: 5 disposable razors, some unopened shaving cream, and anti-nausea medication. i had no idea where this bag came from, and the contents didn’t look at all familiar to me. after pondering this for a while, i found the receipt and noted that it indeed belonged to me, since they were purchased in peterborough on december 30, 2001. i have no recollection of this whatsoever (in fact i can’t ever remember buying anti-nausea medicine), but my best guess is that i bought the razors and stuff for a trip to toronto for new years, and i guess i was feeling kind of sick around that time too. how odd.

see? i told you you’d be a better person.

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cindy was fastest on the draw and has already claimed coupland’s masterpieces!

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