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11 Jun 02

today didn’t happen

did today happen? i don’t really have any proof that it did, and certainly in 10 years i won’t be looking back and saying “wow, what a day june 10, 2002 was”. today made no noticeable impact on my life whatsoever, and i also hypothesize that i didn’t affect anyone else’s life today either.

the only real event worth sharing from today was the annual staff barbecue at the university. i think that queen’s basically feeds all of kingston at their barbecue ’cause they never check for id (which is how robin managed to mooch a free meal). there’s nothing quite like the taste of free grey hamburgers.

apparently 84 people applied for the 3 positions we’re hiring at work. i’m so glad i stepped off the hiring committee. what a nightmare that’s going to be. when i stepped off it was because i thought having a 5 person hiring panel was insane and intimidating, but i found out today that someone else somehow ended up taking my place (did they feel left out? maybe).

oh yeah, something else robin showed me was the fabulous assotron. give it a try – add a bum to my page.

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