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11 Jun 02

i love pegball. i do.

today was just about as pointless as yesterday. most people at work were golfing today (and getting paid for it no less), and since i was pretty much on my own today i didn’t get a whole lot accomplished. that’s ok though…i did get my hair cut! the verdict is still out on it though.

thanks to tracksuit scott my workcam is finally stable and uncrashy. i’ll be installing that new software on my laptop in the next few days so i’ll finally have a homecam that works again as well. fantastic!

please erase this game from my memory. why do i get hooked on stupid flash games like this?

if you liked the transformers, check this video out. wow. i love how there’s a pedestrian walking in the background.

the worst part about this post is that i had to write it twice, which is why it’s extra crappy and super brief. stupid crashy laptop.

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Date: 1883

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