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10 Jun 02

my big thick novel, by rob page

hey, i’m back. isn’t that exciting?

my weekend was okish, but it didn’t turn out as i expected. in truth, i don’t feel like i did much of anything over the past couple days…but i guess that’s sorta what weekends are for.

friday was supposed to be that trance block party thingy, but it didn’t work out at all. sarah told her friend we’d meet her at 8:15 at a subway station 45 mins away, but i didn’t arrive until 8 (which was my original estimate anyway). alas, her friend was gone when we arrived…we checked out the block party too and she was no where to be seen. as it turns out, her other friends didn’t show up either so she just went home. the block party was pretty empty and weird anyway, so we went to chapters and i bought about a boy by nick hornby. that was the extent of my excitement for the evening.

i went to bed at 1:30 or so and woke up at 1:15 on saturday morning. crazy. unfortunately that was a bit too much sleep and i was groggy for most of the day.

the barenaked circus started at 4, but because of much screwing around with hair and the like by sarah and especially kristina, we didn’t leave until 4. we arrived just as the last band ended (i was worried we’d missed the flashing lights, but as it turned out it was steve page’s brother’s band…boyce’s road). we then headed straight for the VIP tent so kristina could get free alcohol while we waited in line for food and watched the next performance on a tv with no audio. to my dismay it was sean cullen (formerly of corky and the juice pigs, and one of my favouritest comedians). i was kind of pissed by this point, but eventually i got a drink and a snack and was finally able to find a spot on the lawn and watch the bands. the brothers creegan were ok…kevin hearn and thin buckle made me yawn…and flashing lights were pretty fun but the venue really didn’t suit them. thankfully, sean cullen was the host so i got to hear and see him do a few things later on as well. barenaked ladies were fun and entertaining as always, although i’m not as into their music as i was when i saw them last in 1993. kristina took a lovely picture of bnl doing the chicken dance, but unfortunately she didn’t figure out how to zoom.

anyway, that review sucked ass, but the more interesting part is that while i was sitting on the lawn, i saw a friend of mine from highschool (well, i’ve known him since kindergarten actually) who i hadn’t seen in about 5 years. he sat with us for a while and it was cool to hear what he’d been up to in that time, although we sorta ran out of things to say to each other which made things a bit awkward. a bunch of his drunk friends came and sat with us which made things more interesting (“oh man! that’s the second $10 beer i’ve spilled!”), but that too ran its course.

that actually brings up something else interesting: bnl attracts a wide range of people, including a lot of people i hate. there were a lot of drunken fratboy-types at the show, and it pissed me off. kristina said “what is it about barenaked ladies that makes people dance like four year olds?” sarah replied “it’s not barenaked ladies, it’s the alcohol.”

i was also 1 number off of winning blue jay tickets in the “schnoz for the cause” raffle, and 6 numbers off of winning a playstation. they also gave out fun clown noses with every raffle ticket. alas.

and now it’s time to review my brushes with greatness for the weekend:

  • i saw galore on queen street heading to a nxne gig presumably. that made me wanna go see them. i loved cool blue halo, and barry walsh has gone on to form this new band.
  • kristina saw chris murphy from sloan using a pay phone at the barenaked circus. she took a fabulous picture of his back for me.
  • last weekend i forgot to mention that i saw ian mcgettigan from thrush hermit at the rivoli. i thought he was there for the salteens show but i guess he was just having lunch.

i played softball this afternoon and it was a fun game, even though we were short of women and we gave the other team a guaranteed win in exchange for borrowing one of their players. it was a good close game, which was sort of spoiled by the fact that some of our players got a bit too competitive – embarassingly so. oh well. hopefully our next game will be better in that sense.

anyway, i’ve been writing this off and on for several hours now. i apologize for its insane length, and i recognize the fact that no one will be reading this line. but that’s ok.

currently spinning: the inbreds – oliver

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