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07 Jun 02

yes. i’m a raver. ok? ok.

i should be more tired than i am (since i woke up about an hour earlier than normal), but i think i’m sort of coasting right now. mitch, robin and i arrived at the grad club at around 7:30, expecting to see a few soccer fans watching the game. to our surprise the place was absolutely packed (game 7 of the leafs series packed) and i watched much of the game from behind a piller and a little girl’s head. the game itself was exciting and fun, so that’s a good thing…otherwise i probably would’ve been pissed. and, it took us 1/2 hour to get our breakfast! they were serving it over halftime, but we didn’t get to start eating until almost the 60th minute. crazy.

my day has been good and pretty productive. i didn’t get into work until after the game was over and, as a result, my day has been flying by.

oh, don’t forget to check out god’s live journal. it’s not every day you can gain insight into a deity.

after much debate, i’ve decided to go up to toronto tonight instead of tomorrow. tomorrow is the barenaked circus (i’m probably the only one going who’s most looking forward to seeing the flashing lights, but it’ll be neat to see bnl for the first time since 1993), and tonight’s nxne. i’m apparently going to a trance music filled block party, so i don’t know how i feel about that – but at least i won’t have to drive to toronto tomorrow. and hey, i’ll expand my horizons a bit, no matter how much i hate it. truth be told, more than anything i’d like to go to saturday night’s show at the horseshoe, but beggers can’t be choosers i guess.

once again, my blog’ll be uneventful til sunday, so everyone be good while i’m gone. i’ll know if you’re not.

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